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Pancake pizza

Make a batter from 2.3 pancakes. Arrange your desired filling and microwave for 1 minute.


A layer of grated and seasoned boiled potatoes is placed on 1 pancake. A layer of cheese is sprinkled on top and again a layer of potatoes with a little butter and liquid cream. Make 3 layers of pancakes with the top filling. It is finished with a pancake on which cheese is grated. Bake until nicely browned at 180 degrees.

Pancake rolls with banana flambe

Place a peeled banana, cream spray and grated chocolate in the middle of the pancake. Roll up. It is decorated on top and on the side with chopped fruits. Pour about 20ml of liqueur and flambé.


In the middle of a pancake, place 4-5 tablespoons of flavored and fried minced meat, 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce, a cube of cheese and melted cheese. The pancake is folded like a bag and fastened at the top with 3 toothpicks. It is lightly sprinkled with cheese and baked at 180 degrees until nicely reddened.

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