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Our mission is to restore and represent to the young generation in Bulgaria  an OLD TECHNOLOGY for 100% hand made production of WASHED PASTRY® for a pastry. For our purpose we made a study of technology and experience of Rodopy Mountain region in the Republic of Bulgaria. With our study we master  in 2001 year the production of our product. The unique receipt and technology for production of WASHED PASTRY®  gave us opportunity to reach  a taste quality that is unreachable for a machine made pastry.

Our products are:

100% hand maid. No preservatives added.
Contact information:

For a questions, orders or recommendation about our products or services do not hesitate to connect with us by the telephone, e-mail or our feedback pagе.

  +359888 940 389
Address:  Simeonovo, 201 str, 12, Sofia 1756, Bulgaria
Contact person - information, sales: Boris Magaranov

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